Letter to Editor

Dear Letter to Editor,

You keep publishing stories about airports. Well look at me. I’m sitting in an airport. Everyone sits in airports. In airports, everyone is always sitting. (Which do you prefer?)

I’m waiting for the plane to take me home. In the TV in the waiting room there was a happy family. They were in the commercial that tries to prove that if you buy the car of the commercial you won’t back into children in it. Unbelievable to say that a car is preventing accidents. They cause accidents!

I saw a living commercial the last week. Pimms sponsored an outdoor garden in Las Vegas. A small patch of fake grass in a plaza filled with glamorous people enjoying their drink. It made me want one. A drink or a party to celebrate something I had done. If I had done something.

I would not make a commercial about my life. I might make a painting though.

Some of Kandinsky looks like Chagall. And Chagall is the worst.

Del Djerniski

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