Monsters Return


The monsters take over the library first.
Next they might take over the police station.
Where they go is arbitrary. They are arbitrary.
They are whim without whimsy. They are fits
of fancy, which is to say fantasy, which is,
for monsters, horror. Do you see their faces
turning at their own thoughts? They find
a child snuggling a small bear and they
can't help but show every terrible tooth.


You are a monster whose teeth are large and flat,
like a whole mouth of perfectly even molars.
You're terrifying in that strangeness alone. You
spend a lot of your time closing your mouth
and grinning. Your interest in dinosaurs tells you
your teeth are best suited for eating plants,
so you eat them. And other things, if the smell
overwhelms you. Like the smell of children.
Yes, you're one of those monsters. Yes, you
enjoy yourself almost every day of your life.

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